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You know Ratings are the evolution of word-of-mouth advertising. You know getting ratings are important for your company. But, you worry that encouraging customers to leave ratings may get you some bad along with all the good.

So, how do you encourage those who are happy with your service and products to leave reviews, while still getting feedback from those for whom you did not live up to your own expectations?

Customer Assist is the answer.

Local Places Reviews employs a process that increases the number of positive reviews from happy customers while giving you a chance to make a second, positive impression on others.

Getting The Word Out

The Yelp Review Bias

Yelp is a review site and sees itself as such. While Yelp will let anyone (who creates an account) review a business, it won’t necessarily show that review to other users. When it comes to review and ratings, Yelp wants to see itself as a purist. Only those people who,…

Getting Company Ratings To Appear In Search Results

We all love to see how many stars a business has before we buy from them. As a business owner, you want your business to appear on search engines showing 4 or 5 stars when people Google your name or services. But, you don’t see it. You know you have…

Why You Need Markup On Reviews

You have worked hard and it shows. You have great products, great service, and your customers love you! Your customers leave great comments on your website, they even write testimonials for you and you proudly display them on your testimonials page. These reviews are great to show prospective customers that…