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Why You Need Markup On Reviews

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Why You Need Markup On Reviews

July 13, 2017      In On site reviews No Comments

You have worked hard and it shows. You have great products, great service, and your customers love you!

Your customers leave great comments on your website, they even write testimonials for you and you proudly display them on your testimonials page. These reviews are great to show prospective customers that you will really take care of them. But, if they are not setup properly, their impact is limited.

It would be great if the reviews on your site helped your site show up higher in Google rankings, and they can. You just need to setup the reviews in the right way.

The search engines scan your site for content. While they scan the site, they look for “structured data” or schema. This organizes content in a way to tell the search engines exactly what it is.

For reviews, the schema tells search engines things like:

  • What item or service is reviewed
  • What the reviewer said about it
  • What rating the reviewer gave it (and the max number of the scale)
  • Who the Reviewer is
  • Who you are


This is the basic, and we think, a minimal set of information. If you have it, you can share more than this.

For the more technical folks, a full review of the markup is here: This provides the attributes of the schema and some examples of how to implement it.

While we focused on data structure, that is not the only markup that the search engines recognize. As you look at structure data, you may find others that work for you. But, is the most common.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be overly technical in order to implement proper schema on your website. Many websites run on WordPress today. There is a plugin that we have clients using, and it structures all the data correctly:

We think having testimonials and reviews on your site (properly structured) is great. It helps with SEO and helps with establishing your credibility with new customers. But, we encourage our clients, and you, to ask happy customers to also leave reviews on third party sites such as your Google Business Page, Yelp, Facebook, and others.

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