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Getting Company Ratings To Appear In Search Results

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Getting Company Ratings To Appear In Search Results

July 13, 2017      In third party site reviews No Comments

We all love to see how many stars a business has before we buy from them. As a business owner, you want your business to appear on search engines showing 4 or 5 stars when people Google your name or services.

But, you don’t see it. You know you have some reviews with good ratings, but they don’t appear on the Google search results. Why not?

There is no simple answer. Google uses its algorithms to determine when to show ratings for a business in the search results. Some of the factors that play into this are

  • A claimed Google My Business account
  • How many reviews you have (on Google and elsewhere)
  • Do the reviews look authentic
  • Recency of the reviews

When you look at this, keep in mind that the algorithm is a black box. No one can tell you which of the three above (or many others not listed) impact the results the most. And, it can vary based on your industry and competitors.

We encourage our clients to ask their customers to put reviews on third party sites. Authentic reviews, across different sites, showing up consistently, is the best way to have ratings show up in search results.

  • Whatever you do, do not try to game the system. Some practices we see that we believe are wrong, on several levels are:
    False reviews. Having employees or friends create reviews.
  • Copying reviews. An honest review on one site should not be copied by the business to another site. If the reviewer wants to leave a second review, great. But the business should never copy it.
  • Pay for Good reviews. While this is hard to detect, it starts companies down a path that may come back to bite them. There is a fine line here. Some companies enter reviewers into a giveaway contest. As long as the reviews are honest, and the contest not based on the number of stars, this could be okay. We prefer to avoid it though.

The bottom, keep customers happy, ask for honest reviews on 3rd party site, and you should start to see results in your overall ratings and exposure.

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